Jaden Rose Guitars, endorsement policy and FAQ

What is endorsement?

First, endorsement does not mean free gear!
You may receive products for a discounted rate and/or have access to custom work not otherwise available.
Endorsement is for the purpose of exposing the product to a wider audience

Can I get an endorsement?

That really depends on a lot of factors.  Are you a good player in a visible band, individual artist or perhaps a teacher with an organization such as The Guitar Institute.  If you are, your prospects are better than the players who inhabit spare rooms recording, but never get out to play.
An information electronic press kit, tour dates and an established fan base are also good attributes, as is playing great music!
Every request is reviewed on an individual basis so there are no real hard and fast rules.

What will be required of me?

Well, some pretty standard stuff such as:

  • Wherever possible or reasonable, you will use our electric guitars, in all public presentations or performances, in any printed or electronic media, broadcasts or engagements.
  • Your image and quotes regarding the products may be used in company promotional material
  • You may be required from time to time to host in store performances or clinics
  • You will be required to promote the company on album sleeves, websites, etc.
  • You will not be seen to promote any other brand of electric guitar


What’s in it for me?

  • We will promote you to the best of our ability on our website and social networking sites
  • You will receive priority support in everything from build times to repairing damage to products or having products on loan
  • You will receive a discount on our products


Is endorsement for me then?

You must be comfortable with using and promoting our products, if you are not then endorsement isn’t for you.