About Jaden

British Steel

Jaden Rose is a British guitar maker based in Halfway, Carmarthenshire.

Specialising in guitar designs that make the most of the natural beauty of the highest quality tonewoods.  A unique finishing technique further enhances the guitars, reminiscent of the high lustre seen on centuries-old fine English Oak furniture.

Jaden Rose comes to guitar making with a 20 year background in bespoke joinery and precision engineering in the UK, USA, China & across Europe.

Frustrated as a player by the limitations of production guitars that just missed the mark, Jaden designed his own ideal guitar.  Instead of making just one, Jaden set up his own mini factory complete with brand new tooling and CNC machinery to ensure perfect replication and precision every time.  Working only with the finest raw materials, every guitar is made entirely by Jaden. Nothing is commissioned or sub-contracted to guitar factories abroad and all hardware is of highest quality.  Jaden Rose Guitars produces no more than 200 guitars a year and every one is set up and checked by Jaden personally.

The most expensive tool you can afford is the cheapest one you should buy – Jaden Rose

Jaden Rose Guitars started out of the desire for high quality instruments that had all the hallmarks of an heirloom quality piece, with the added desireability of a modern agressive look and feel.   This intention has never wavered and every guitar we produce is a statement of intent to consolidate on this original theme.

Originally, Jaden wanted a guitar that was both single minded and versatile, following some R&D the purposeful Original Series guitar was created.  This guitar combines the aggresive rock looks and feel with the versatility of sound that lends itself to metal, rock, blues and even country.

With the Original Series we created a guitar that was purposeful, yet versatile but many players that appreciate the Jaden Rose Guitars concept and ideals are not looking for versatility.

Buy something that does everything and it will do nothing great – Jaden Rose

A new Generation of metal players are coming to the fore and creating amazing music, these players are not looking to create a wide range of sounds but are more concerned to create a tone that does one thing, very, very well.  Working with metal bands such as UK based Malefice, Saintsbleed, and ex sikTh guitarist – Dan Weller, the Deimos series was born.  The Deimos is a stripped down, streamlined, ultra thin design with aggressive looks and electrics to match.  Lacking its tone knob and with an optional neck pickup its metal heritage and intent is unmistakeable.

The Multiscale (fanned fret) production  guitars soon followed and offered detuning to modern metal and jazz players alike.  With a 27″ bass scale, detuning  to A or lower allows more tension on the last string providing greater playing feedback and massive tone, the 25.5″ scale at the first string means that normal sized hands can cope with soloing.

Jaden continues to develop the range of guitars using the feedback from the players and artists that tour, gig, record and play them constantly.