Phil Dyer

Born in the musical city of Liverpool, it was almost inevitable that as a youngster Phil would be brought up with a keen ear for music. With early influences coming from his parent’s record collection Hendrix and The Who dominated his early listening.   Phil received his first guitar aged 15 and began learning everything he could about his chosen instrument. Focusing intently on technique and musicality Phil took influence from John Petrucci, Steve Vai and Steve Lukather and began the long road to finding his own voice.
Mainly focused on his session work Phil has played and toured with a variety of
up and coming soul artists, has enjoyed wide spread national radio play on BBC
Radio 1, 2 and 6 and even had an opportunity to play a session in radio 1’s live lounge in late 2011.  At the other end of the spectrum to his session work Phil can also be found hammering out finger twisting riffs with his tech metal band Oceanis.
Phil uses a Jaden Rose original series wenge top.