While my glue gently drips

all over the workshop floor.

Wasn't planning on working today but with no rugby and after a horrible nights sleep with hayfever I called off the riding for today...

so I got on with sawing a few neck blanks for customers, some S2 builds and a couple of projects I have on.  Here they are all nicely angled waiting for headstocks.

after that I get on with jointing the 3 drop tops and other quilt top jobs I have on, here we are all glued, jointed and clamped


the I prep and glue the headstocks onto the neck blanks I cut earlier

then lay everything out to drip glue on my painted floor ;)

hoping to get a better nights sleep so I can get this beastie out tomorrow.  Quick check over and I change the rear pads having run out of pads on both the back and front on rides previously, I take no chances..


off to stack firewood now !


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