Necks, Necks and More..... Necks

Guess what I was making today... all day

Having spent the last couple of days making bodies and fingerboards, it was time to get the neck blanks out and start shaping..

a few necks needed the headstock laminate levelling out..  I tend to do this the old fashioned way before running the surface across the jointer for a perfectly straight neck..


then all the necks get marked out for the truss and routed.. its pretty unusual but I managed to break a router bit too !


next I mark out the perimeter and bandsaw them out, I also get the headstock close to final thinkness at this point


pop out for a tea break and our lovely garden companion, the Peacock wants to show off a bit (barking up the wrong tree there pal)


while I set the CNC up, I check on the S2 driftwood and decide that the colour match between body and headstock could be better so, I partically strip the body and add another coat of oil


next, headstocks !

then the carving starts.. this takes me the rest of the day but I get one glued up before I close the doors tonight


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