Sanding, more sanding and fretwork

So I got the bodies made, then I got the necks made but everything is still a bit..... raw.

sanding begins and I get all the bodies up to 180 grit and ready for colour, this takes 2 days and I actually sanded through my fingers in several places.. oops... and blood is a total pig to get off of maple.




then I start on the necks.   right now they are pretty rough and need sanding and shaping up by the volute


the fingerboards have been rough radiused and inlayed, they get done next, this is where the pau ferro really starts to glow when you sand past 1000 grit



then I get all the dots in


before starting on the fret installation, at least only one was stainless... every single fret gets glued and pressed in


next.... colour


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