Start of 2015

New models, new location, new workshop, new website

Well, its been a hell of a couple of years.  Since relocating 200 miles west to Wales, things took a very long time to get back on track, guitar making continued but there were so many distractions and other things taking up my time, it suffered a little.

First there was the fact that there is no internet connection where I live, none, nothing so 3 months of effort went into making that work.

Problems continued with everything from leaking roofs to constant power cuts, not something you want to experience when operating machinery!

Then I injured myself falling off a motorbike.

then I was let down by builders and had to do the work myself, but it gave me time to build myself a spray booth in the workshop !

During this time, when I could, I worked on a new model.  That model has just been released and is called the "Glaive".
  It is the first model offered with binding and a full lacquer finish as standard, I do personally feel that my making has moved on in quality and attention to detail in the last couple of years even though I was not making as many guitars.

I have been exceptionally bouyed since starting to make more, I sincerely hope you enjoy the new website, if you have any feedback, please contact me


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